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Blck Prism is a re-imagined gallery focused on empowering Black art through digital means. We see an opportunity to shape the a new generation of art collectors to experience and invest in Black art and art culture.

We curate art from a collective of Black artists that represent a connection to Black culture and identity. We look towards the entire African diaspora of artists to represent our 'prism'. The goal is to maintain ownership of their artistic output and make art a part of the Millennial lifestyle. Blck Prism is committed to disrupting the traditional rules and models of the art establishment, by making the discovery and celebration of Black art smart, simple, and engaging.  Engaging digital content and an accessible e-commerce platform will create a new future.


We envision a new future where Black art and art in general are elevated as a necessary part of our culture.  A generation that has been engulfed in Black art becomes invested emotionally and monetarily over time thus spawning a support system for Black expression.  That Black expression also becomes a the voice of a generation looking for answers around their culture, identity and experience.  We will be at the center of that movement. 

See you in the future.




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