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05 Jun, 2015


Periodically collectors have reached out asking what is the best height to hang their artwork.  This questions comes into play every time, artists have a show or display their work somewhere.  I did some Googling to see what I could find.  There were a variety of responses but the most consistent answer I discovered was 57" On Center. Here is what an article on Apartment Therapy mentions:

"On center" means that the middle of the artwork is always at 57" (obviously, the hook will be higher). Interestingly, the 57" standard represents the average human eye-height and is regularly used as a standard in many galleries and museums.
57" On Center
In addition to being a pleasing height, the 57" on center tends to be a lot lower than most people naturally hang their artwork. People hang things too high (I don't know why people do this!). It also means that your artwork is going to hang in closer proximity to the other elements of your home, such as furniture, rugs, lighting, etc and will therefore "talk" to everything better and have a closer relationship, which is GOOD.
In addition, I have discovered is that if you stick to this standard, you create a harmony among ALL the pictures in your home, as they will all share a midline as you look around your home, no matter what outside dimensions may be. This creates harmony and is also VERY GOOD.
So, here are directions.
Step By Step:

1. Measure and lightly mark 57" on the wall
2. Measure artwork and divide by 2 (this gives you the center)
3. Measure top of your picture to the tightened wire (a small amount)
4. Subtract "tight wire" amount from 1/2 height amount for the "to the hook" amount. This will tell you how far above 57" your hook should go
5. Lightly mark wall just above 57" with the "to the hook" amount

1. Picture is 20" tall
2. Middle is at 10" (this mid point should rest at 57")
3. Wire comes to 2" below the top
4. 10" - 2" = 8"
5. Lightly mark 8" above your first mark OR 65" on the wall
Though this may seem complicated to read, it is quite simple when you do it. The thing to always remember is that the CENTER of all your pictures are hanging at the same 57", and you are just figuring out where the hook goes above it.
This 57" also applies to groups of pictures. Think of a group as ONE picture. After you arrange how you want them all to hang (doing this on the floor makes it easier), start with the center picture/pictures and get them at 57" on center. Then surround them with the rest of the group.


Source: AptTherapy

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